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Ages 4+  •  90 min route • Groups of 20 or more people • Self-guided!

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Niños (4 – 11 años)


Important information 🔎

  • Duration: 90 minutes self-guided tour
  • Minimum age: from 4 years old
  • Current schedule: from 10h to 14h.



  • 10€ Adults (from 12 years old )
  • 6€ Niños (from 4 to 11 years old)


About Lanzarote Aquarium 🐡

You will discover the best-kept secrets of many of the animals that live in the Aquarium … A very fun way to learn and enjoy about the ecosystem that surrounds us! But, they will not only know the Atlantic species; but also, in our room of tropical seas, you will meet friends as famous as Nemo, Dory and many of the tropical species that live in warm ecosystems. Also, you can enjoy the sharks of our underwater tunnel, with a central tank of 500,000 liters of water, and the 3 tactile aquariums where you can touch and get to know some of the intertidal species better.

From the Aquarium of Lanzarote, we not only want children to enjoy knowing the seabed, but also to know the work of environmental conservation through environmental education and learn to respect nature.


90 min free visit

Intended for those groups that decide to visit the Aquarium freely, without a time limit and with greater freedom of schedule. The Aquarium will provide an online guide as well as a series of educational sheets for children to complete during the visit or afterwards. At the end of the visit, a monitor will give a 15-minute talk about the problem of marine pollution and the Program for the Recovery of Accident Protected Animals.


Oceanarium Feeding Schedule

The feeding of the main shark tank takes place Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12-12.30. This schedule is subject to modifications and availability.



  • Once the tickets are purchased, changes are only allowed 24 hours before the scheduled date. Make sure before processing the purchase of the accuracy and adequacy of the data
  • Access to the aquarium will be possible up to 45 minutes before it closes so you have time to visit. Once inside you can stay as long as you want (until the aquarium closes). Check our schedules before coming to visit us.
  • It is not necessary to print the tickets. You can access the tour by showing the tickets with your mobile device or tablet.
  • Age verification at the entrance: The age of the clients will be visually verified at the Aquarium box office. In those cases in which there is reasonable doubt about it, the client (or the adult responsible for it) will be asked for a document proving the age
    (DNI or Family Book in its absence). If there is a difference between the applicable rate and that of the paid ticket, the customer will be charged the corresponding amount.
  • In all reduced rates it is necessary to show the card or certificate that proves that right.
  • Canary Islands Residents: To benefit from this discount it will be necessary to show a document that proves your identity, age and residence in the Canary Islands


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