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Aquarium Lanzarote

The Lanzarote AQUARIUM is one of the largest aquarium in the Canary Islands, it has more than a million liters of water, distributed in 33 aquariums where hundreds of marine species can be observed.

In the Aquarium you will see typical Canarian species such as moray eels, breams, breams or fulas, tropical species with beautiful and striking colors and diverse morphology, clown fish and anemones, fire dragons, puffer fish, or hermit crabs. The visitor will also be able to enjoy a variety of sharks in our underwater tunnel and central tank of 500,000 liters of water.

Moluscos en acuario
Mollusks in aquarium
Algas con pez payaso
Acuario táctil
Tactile aquarium

We also have 3 tactile aquariums for adults and children, where they can touch and learn more about some species such as sea urchins and sea cucumbers.

Our objective is to be able to bring the marine world closer to all those people who want to enjoy the wonders that the sea offers us and enjoy a moment of escape by immersing themselves in the depths of the sea. However, we do not forget the importance of environmental education in the future of our seas and oceans. That is why we have created what we call the “garbage aquarium”, a small recreation of the current state of certain areas of our coasts, in order to promote environmental awareness that allows life in the sea to continue, without the dangers of pollution.