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This kind of activity is getting more and more fans in aquariums all over the world.

Lanzarote aquarium wants to promote this activity too, with one big difference: you do not need to be a diving expert or have any diving certificate to enjoy this unique experience al the Lanzarote Aquarium. We offer you the possibility of making an advanced course, in which the second immersion will be inside the central and biggest tank in the aquarium, the one called “Grandes Mares”.

Diving inside the aquarium allows you to dive with species that are really difficult to find in the sea, and, besides, you will be surrounded with lost of different kind of fishes all the time, something that rarely happens when you dive in the sea. Moreover, in The Lanzarote Aquarium you will get to dive with sharks, an extremely exciting experience neither you nor people looking from the other side of the window will ever forget.

Aquariums are the places that federations, clubs and dive centres have selected to introduce this sport to people that are looking for new emotions and people with some handicap. You will be accompanied with professional divers and biologist during all the immersion time, so as to make sure that it will be a safe immersion both you and the animals.

The activity starts in a swimmingpool near the aquarium. First you will have to put all the diving equipments on, and after short explanation given by an expert from the diving centre, you will make the first immersion inside the pool, where you will practise everything that you learned before.

Then, you move to the Aquarium, and in the central tank called “GRANDES MARES”, you will have the opportunity of diving with different species, such as a “cat shark” that is nearly two meters size, a “round stingray” one meter and a half long, “bamboo sharks”, “groupers”, “grey mullets, “breams”…

Before you actually start diving, a biology expert from the crew will explained you important and interesting things about sharks: where they live, what they eat, kinds of teeth, types of sharks and so on. They will also tell you how you will have to behave and the rules you must follow when you are diving with sharks and other predators.

Can you imagine swimming with sharks and others predators, and that your family and friends see it on real time? Surprise and show them what you are able to do! No doubt, it will be a day you will not forget in your life.

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